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Siberian larch

Siberian larch is high resistant to various types of damage and destruction by insects and mold. Resistance to decay is due to the high content of tannins found in resin of Siberian larch.

Siberian larch has a lot of shades, which allows you to prevent the use of colorants for the wood shading. Expressive texture and natural color aesthetics without the use of chemical treatment.

This is a natural and environmentally friendly product from Siberia with increased level of fire resistance.

About our company

Our company was found in 1994 and has a working experience with companies from Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Croatia, Italy and France.

Our services:
  • Sawing of wood
  • Unloading of railway carriages (our own railway branch (dead end))
  • Cargo transshipment by road and railway
  • Custom formalization of goods
  • Storage of goods on secure area
  • Lease of production space
  • We invite to cooperation organizations that have their own raw materials base, round wood (larch), lumber (sawn wood) of their own production. We offer our services for processing your wood for further export to the European countries (we have a good customer base, well-established connections and good reputation). We also offer mediation services as sales agent for your sawmill production (Siberian larch) to Europe and other countries.

    We have an opportunity to work both with direct contracts, as well as through our partners and representatives in Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Switzerland and Italy.

    We also have the opportunity to use our production facilities as a transshipment base (wood, timber, etc.)

    Siberian larch bark

    Siberian larch is perhaps one of the best materials for construction and finishing. Products made of this wood can withstand heavy loads for a long time. Its strength is largely due to its resistance to moisture and temperature changes. Even such a well-known enemy of wood, like salty water, cannot cope with larch. Siberian larch is highly resistant to wood-weevils, rodents and bacteria. The most valuable properties of larch are preserved in the mulch made from it.

    Hygroscopicity of larch bark (the ability to quickly accumulate moisture and retain it for a long time), as well as a heterogeneous porous structure are the most necessary properties for reliable protection. Covering the soil with larch bark prevents moisture from evaporation and protects against soil erosion. At the same time, the formation of a soil crust does not occur, relieving the need for cultivation. With the help of mulching, you can get rid of many species of weeds, as well as some pests of plants.

    The soil temperature under the mulch layer remains stable, the basal layer does not freeze and does not overheat. Mulch of organic origin over some time rots, resulting in the formation of humus, and, therefore, the fertility of the soil increases. As a material for mulching, the bark of Siberian larch has one more unique advantage. Wood bearers and other similar pests, as already mentioned, do not live in larch. And, consequently, in the process of mulch production there is no need for chemical processing of raw materials. Therefore, the covering from the larch bark retains its ecological purity and maximum of useful properties.